Our Guardian


Last year for the sabbat of Lughnasa, it was presented by Bob to create a community guardian that would protect The Gate Ritual Group. The group was expanding and flexing and it was an excellent idea given the open nature of the group. During the sabbat ritual each person in attendance created a small scroll with the qualities that they wanted the guardian to possess. There were also other stones and objects that were giving to the guardian to make up his physical form, all contained in a small box. Energy was raised and the Guardian was called forth and given his purpose to protect those who were involved and attending ritual. In the spirit of community fellowship it was decided that the Guardian would then pass to an individual who would host the Guardian until the next sabbat and then that individual would play the role of guardian at the ritual. The guardian of each ritual then in turn chooses the next guardian and so on. This has worked out really well.

In the planning of our current Lughnasa ritual we discussed the celtic tradition of the sacrificial king. The concept goes like this, the king is chosen, and his health and well being are tied to the land. So as he is kept healthy and whole so the land is also. Then when the king has done his time so to speak, a new king is chosen and the old king is sacrificed. This is a very old magic that is often played out in ritual as John Barleycorn who is venerated and made king and then cast upon the fire. So in seeking to honor and empower our current guardian we are tying the magic of the sacrificial king to him. It is our plan to take all of the words and wishes placed in the guardian and sacrifice them to the fire and strip the guardian down to “bones” The bones would be represented by the solid objects that make up the guardian. The “bones” would then be layed in state upon the altar, and the rest of the evening would proceed as the wake for the sacrificed king. The keeping of the Ritual Groups protection would be put into the hands of the Great Mother until he is resurrected at Mabon. Then during the Mabon ritual we would repeat the process of building up the Guardian, as we did before. The Guardian is restored to his normal function but is now not only the Guardian, but our Guardian King.

Possession of the guardian would continue as before, passing from participant to participant. I have suggested that rather than just a simple choosing, that the previous guardian will hold a small contest between people of his or her choosing to decide the next guardian, as it was done on the night that he was made. This way it becomes more interactive, and is held up as the honor it is to have the guardian in your keeping.

The Ritual Group has remained strong and resilient throughout the last year, due to the perseverance of those who believe in it’s worth. I want to thank everyone who has contributed with their time, effort, talents and resources. You are what makes this work.

Blessed Be.