S. Rune Emerson

New GlassesS. Rune Emerson has been practicing magic since he was a child in the early nineties, and considers himself a witch and a cartomancer.  Founder of the Risting Tradition of American Witchcraft, he lives in Reno NV, and is a member of the Gate Ritual Group, as well as a coven descended from his personal line of the Risting, the Cabal of Nocturne.

A ginormous geek, he loves X-Men and other Marvel comics, his fiction interest range from Harry Potter to Harry Dresden to anything trashy and urban occult fiction related, he loves anime (mostly magical girl) and manga, and is a huge brony.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  He has been known to take any fandom he participates in, and turn it into a magical tradition which actually functions.  He believes that magic does not just live in classical myth and religion, but in all parts of our experience, especially in all forms of story-telling and imagination.

He also teaches a year-long in-person class on witchcraft, a year-long online class on sorcery using the Tarot, and a variety of other classes depending on demand and time.  He has written two books (available privately), and is working on a third- he has also written a large variety of non-publishable material due to copyrights and general silliness of subject.  His greatest ambition, and one of his class in-jokes, is “Peace on Earth, and Telekinesis!”

He enjoys writing incantations and magical material, singing enchantments, reading a lot, and spying on his friends via divination.

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